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Call for papers (NEW DEADLINE:  December 31, 2014)

The TriNex consortium calls for papers focusing on the themes of education-research-innovation (knowledge-triangle) in the Water-Energy-Food Nexus (WEF). The authors of the three winning will be invited to present their findings before researchers, authorities and the media to achieve maximum dissemination and feedback for further research. The author of thebest paper will be given the opportunity to participate in the TriNex training program.Furthermore, intensive mentoring from the TriNex network will be provided and their findings will be widely publicized. The attached list of suggested research areas shall serve as an orientation but it is not exhaustive and you can submit any innovative topic within the WEF Nexus.

Submission criteria
  • Graduate level candidates
  • Abstract of 250 words, paper with maximum 3000 words
  • Topic relevant to both the knowledge-triangle (education-research-innovation) and the Water-Energy-Food-Nexus (WEF-Nexus)
  • Interdisciplinary research, integrating at least 2 of the WEF disciplines
  • Clear focus and possible application in Egypt
  • Scientific soundness

Submit your papers no later than December 31, 2014 in PDF and Word format to

Abstract Area Suggestions from
Urban Challenges of the Nexus: Local and Global perspectives
  • What are the challenges for urban energy and water supply under increased climate change?
  • How well do cities ensure the protection of ecosystems and watersheds necessary for water supply?
  • What can be done to reduce water use in solar provision?
  • What can be done to improve water and energy efficiency in irrigation?
  • Fracking: A challenge or opportunity for energy and water management?
  • What are practical solutions to increase water efficiency in energy production?
  • Are there different approaches to managing energy and water supplies in different regions?
Nexus perspectives: Water, Energy and Climate
  • How can we safely use wastewater in food production?
  • Population growth: Addressing pressures on water, food, and energy supplies.
  • What are the key challenges for soil retention and water use?
  • How can we minimize food and water waste at the consumer and producer level?
  • Efficient agriculture: How can energy use be reduced?
  • What are the innovations in managing the agriculture, groundwater and energy Nexus?
  • What are the implications of the Climate-Water-Food-Energy Nexus to Egypt?
Entrepreneurial Environmentalism and Development
  • Can start-ups “green” their business and address Nexus issues from the start?
  • Solar energy: In a climate-challenged world, can it move from boutique to mainstream?
  • CSAs and the local food movement: Do small business and farms have a big effect on energy use reduction?
  • How are entrepreneurs driving the renewable energy and water conversation and reality?
  • How is grassroots advocacy changing the conversation around Nexus issues?
  • Microfinance and new businesses in developing countries: Is there a link?
Nexus Corporate Stewardship: How business is improving resource use
  • Public-private-government partnerships: Examples of collaboration for the Nexus approach.
  • How is biofuel production related to food production?
  • Business water risk: What are the implications for water policy and management?
  • How do companies begin to address Nexus issues as business strategy and not just Corporate Social Responsibility?
  • Who is leading the charge around improving corporate environmental practices?
  • What are the investment opportunities surrounding Nexus-related business?
  • How do we calculate financial risk related to water, food, and energy shortages?
  • What are emerging technologies to address Nexus issues?
  • What are the elements for successful business approaches to the Water-Energy-Food Nexus?
Natural Resource Security for People: Water, Food and Energy
  • What role can Integrated Resource Management play in the issue of security and the Nexus?
  • What are the security implications of scarcity in global water?
  • Energy, resources, and the environment: New security parameters?
  • Rethinking human security in a Nexus world
Financing the Nexus: policy and practice
  • Who’s paying: The role of multilateral banks in the Nexus?
  • What role could the development banks play in protecting financing for ecosystem services for the Nexus?
  • How can we grow impact investing?
  • How do we begin to ‘value’ the ecosystems that underpin our supply?
  • What are the elements that support the creating of public-private partnerships for the Nexus?
  • How can the markets better relate to sustainable developmentand the WEF Nexus?
  • What can be done to regulate water, food and energy futures?
  • What could be done to set up a global framework for Nexus sustainability reporting?
  • What role can ODA play in Nexus funding?


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