Serious Games About Environmentalism & Social Awareness

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The Ecogamers website collects a huge amount of Serious Games based on Environmentalism and social awareness. They have currently collected round about 50 different games to teach and learn in this sector. It is worth having a look at this amazing website, as the usage of Serious Games in education is one of the most important technology in the upcoming years.

Serious games are designed with the intention of improving some specific aspect of learning, and players come to serious games with that expectation. Serious games are used in emergency services training, in military training, in corporate education, in health care, and in many other sectors of society. They can also be found at every level of education, at all kinds of schools and universities around the world. Game genre, complexity, and platforms are as varied as those found in casual games. Play, an important contributor to human development, maturation, and learning, is a mandatory ingredient of serious games.