RWTH Aachen University

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RWTH Aachen is the largest university of technology in Germany and one of the most renowned technical universities in Europe. The RWTH was founded as a Polytechnikum in 1870. Teaching and research are characterised by an international, innovative, and interdisciplinary approach. RWTH Aachen has a long history of close and wide-ranging cooperation with national and international industries and research centres.

The department of Engineering Hydrology has wide experience in Sustainable Water Management (SWM). The department has a section entitled “UNESCO Chair for Water Management and Climate Change”. The chair’s main role is to promote SWM in the Middle East. The Chair played a significant role in developing the Green Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme (GIEP). The department is also leading the e-Learning group of RWTH Aachen since 2004. The e-Learning AG is a group of e-Learning experts from all the university departments and will play an important role in developing the Learning Management System.
With its broad experience in the execution of EU funded projects, RWTH Aachen’s role will be to support the grant applicant in the management of the project. RWTH Aachen will further be responsible for the implementation of Work Package 5, which will entail the development of an online knowledge sharing system whereby e-sharing and e-cooperation will be promoted among the partner universities. This electronic platform will serve as the medium for the previous two work packages which, once uploaded, will establish the very first shared thesaurus of the consortium.
As will be the case for POLIMI in Italy, RWTH Aachen will be tasked with providing a training module in Germany on water and the WEF Nexus. This module will require the adaptation of training materials to address the circumstances specific to the Egyptian case. Among the topics to be covered therein are: Water Problems in the Middle East and Desalination Technology. RWTH Aachen will ensure that water within the WEF Nexus receives treatment in accordance with the principles of the mandate of the UNESCO Chair in Hydrological Change and Water Resources Management, established at RWTH Aachen in 2010.