We live in a world where one in seven people, the aptly-named “bottom billion”, do not enjoy a secure food supply and only limited access to clean water, sanitation, and energy sources. Unfortunately Egypt is no exception to this, and more than ever finds itself in dire need of fresh and inventive researchers capable of solving Egypt’s impending Water, Energy, and Food crises.

This is the WEF Nexus. Addressing the WEF Nexus in Egypt is the vital stepping stone towards a more prosperous – and sustainable – future for the nation. The famous River Nile will not be sufficient for the water needs of an ever-expanding population. Originally an exporter of oil and gas, Egypt now faces increasing pressure to meet growing domestic demand, and despite a strong historic tradition of fecund agriculture, Egyptian farmland is slowly giving way to the encroaching desert.

The clock is ticking. The WEF Nexus is the pillar upon which the future well-being of Egypt will be built, and it is through the initiative of the TriNex Programme that a new generation of essential researchers will be produced to fuel this change.

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