Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development

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Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development is a newly established university through Presidential Decree No. 298 in 2009. HU is the first university in the Middle East that devotes all its faculties’ research and education activities for sustainable development. HU has been established by a consortium of private and civic entities that works only in areas related to sustainable development (renewable energy, organic agriculture, etc.).

HU started its research and capacity building activities in 2000 under the name “Heliopolis Academy”. The academy worked in international research cooperation with different universities on projects in the fields of biodynamic agriculture, renewable energies, water, mechatronics, medicine, and pharmacy. The focus is on applied research, and most of the projects are financed through EU-funds. Based on this network, HU signed 24 Memoranda of Understanding over the last 5 years with excellent, international universities and has agreed on different forms of cooperation.

Despite only being founded recently, Heliopolis University has been chosen as a strategic partner in the project and is expected to play a central role. The institutions behind it have a track record of over 10 years in applied sustainable development research in agriculture, efficient water irrigation, renewable energy applications, and biofuels. All of the aforementioned topics in which Heliopolis University has invested research are directly linked to the WEF Nexus.

It has previously collaborated very closely with both private and governmental universities and international research centres, giving it extensive knowledge of the relevant landscape. It is for this reason that Heliopolis University has been chosen to lead Task Group 2, which will be responsible for the identification of the coordination bodies. Its expertise in international standards will ensure competent advancement of the infrastructure of the coordination bodies. Heliopolis University will also utilise its extensive international relations to disseminate Work Package 6.