Euro-Egyptian Energy Day

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On the 21st of November, 2014 the Euro-Egyptian Energy Day came together for its annual conference.  The purpose of the project is to engage with the Egyptian community and industry for achieving the highest levels of energy efficiency.   Major initiatives were discussed throughout the day such as the Egy-Sun initiative for combining efficient lighting use with Solar PV Panels, The Technical Assistant to Support the Reform of The Energy Sector (TARES), PHILPS’s new energy efficient LED lighting, among many others.

During the day there were many activities for the participants including broadcasting the best practices of on the usage and dissemination of Energy Efficiency in both Egypt and European Union, A case study of EgyptERA in Energy Auditing in Public Buildings, and a “Fab Lab” building one’s own solar charger.  These all lead to show the incredible work being done in terms of improving the state of energy consumption in Europe and Egypt.