Cairo University

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Cairo University is the largest and oldest state university in Egypt, was founded in 1908, and is comprised of 45 faculties. The undergraduate students are approaching 200,000 plus 50,000 students in open education and another approximately 30,000 students in postgraduate studies. Arabic is the official language of the university, however, the technical and medical branches use English as the official teaching language. The university has about 13,000 academics.

The ministry recommended involving Cairo University as it should be the first university in the region to introduce the Centres of Excellence on Education for Sustainable Development. It was also indicated that all the Egyptian universities will follow this initiative once it is implemented at Cairo. The vice president of Cairo University stressed the full support of the university decision makers for this initiative and ensured their involvement in the implementation process. Sustainable Development is the main priority of the university and it will involve 5 faculties in this project.

With its position as Egypt’s oldest state university and a respected and prominent university in its own right, Cairo University will take a leading position in establishing the coordination bodies. The representatives of Cairo University have deep experience and a keen awareness of the regulations and procedures that Egyptian universities face and will accordingly provide invaluable support to the other institutes when it comes to establishing bodies within the framework of the project.

Cairo will be tasked with the identification of coordination bodies, while its experience will enable partners to reach sustainability goals within the project framework and will thus lead Work Package 7 on sustainability. Together with Alexandria University, Cairo will work towards the development of the PhD summer schools through contributions from its faculties of agriculture, science, and engineering, among others. Cairo University will actively disseminate the project by organising a community awareness campaign for solar power application.