2nd High Level Strategy Meeting

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In an effort to fulfill D.1.2: WEF National Strategic Committees,  Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development hosted the 2nd High Level Strategy Meeting on its university Campus on the 14th of June, 2015.  The meeting was held with the purpose of continuing the highly successful meeting held previously on the SEKEM farms, and aimed to continue this success by adding further guidelines for establishing a complete strategy and for continuing to establish concrete guidelines for research within the area of the WEF-Nexus. With the attendance of prominent guests such as Dr. Nabil El-Marghany and Ms. Rawya Mansour, the TriNex consortium was able to get a detailed view from the industry’s perspective into how it is engaging in research and innovation within the WEF-Nexus.  After a successful conclusion, the consortium is now looking for hosting a 3rd High Level Strategy Meeting to be held in the coming months.